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ROSIN TECH!!! (Easy Way to Make Hash Oil)


Parchment Paper – (
Hair Straightener – (
Oil Slick Pad – (

I’ve seen all kinds of videos of this “Rosin Tech” out over the last several weeks, so I decided to try it out myself, it’s an easy, SAFE, way to make solventless oil.

Using only:
– Flat Iron
– Parchment Paper
– Oven Mitt (Optional, if you don’t want to burn the shit out of yourself)
– Weed

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  • could you still sMoke the weed after

  • mom, im stealing your flat iron for awhile!

  • for carring about wrong context you called cannabanoids cannaboids and its rosin (rose-in) get your shit straight before trying to correct people.

  • should I use a new piece of parchment paper for each press? like when I put another nug in

  • It's a verb ????

  • "I usually press my nugs twice" 2:47

  • You can smoke the bud after it actually makes it more potent because the thc is activated from the heat. But idk how the hell u get so much oil ive only gotten like moisture coming out

  • You're not achieving taste, because you're burning the concentrate. If you watch closely, it's even catching on fire, while you're taking your hit. Not to mention, you're wasting a lot, just look at the oil floating in the reservoir afterwards. Try letting your bowl cool some, before adding the Rosin, you're notice a considerable amount of improvement in both taste and overall experience. You might also pick up a thermal gun for $20 and use it to gauge when to add your concentrates as well. Thanks for the Video!

  • That didn't work at all I just wasted about $30 worth of weed

  • just for the record, you can RE-use the rosin chips, but they are only partially decarbed due to the heat being applied for a very short period. would still nerd to be decarboxylated before using in edibles.

  • is the bud still able to be smoked?

  • empirical method from a US study show that in a healthy lung (1958) ; 18 secs. to extract 90% thru inhalation

  • the buds

  • so can u still smoke it? or theres no use..

  • Might not of tasted as good due to your super hot nail

  • can I do this with shake

  • can u still use the weed after? cause dont nobody got money for that xD

  • are the nugs still smokable after the iron

  • gotta try thx mane

  • i have close to the exact same straightener as you what number do you set yours on? i cant seem to get it right :/ like when i press it the oil looks like its absorbed into the parchment paper instead of little blobs that i can pick off. do you think the setting is too low?