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I had someone ask me to roll & smoke a joint in a one take video, so that’s exactly what I did! 😛 It’s a bit more of a laid back day for me today, so it’s good to have a bit of a chill session

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  • Your ash games weak josh, you gotta work on that. lol

  • why tf does he say cheers every time he hits?…. that gets annoying..

  • my dad got in a bad car wreck and lost some function in his left hand so he learned to roll one handed

  • Xbox One Gamertag:

  • Awe the little nugs in the beginning are so cute

  • 7:06 when you realize you're high asf bc you start playing games with the joint ??

  • man like you and all but that is the worst joint i ever seen and that is not even how you roll a joint . i'm sorry

  • no catch phrase?

  • Almost 300k my man, keep it up 🙂 love the vibes

  • Wow that O face though

  • :Sigh: I almost forgot, I wanted to ask / request…

    Do you already have / or could you please make a video, like a 101 type video on how to inhale?

    I've been smoking j's, blunts and pipes for years and I know for a fact that I'm not doing so effectively.

    My mom (unfortunately) smokes cigarettes and does not know how to smoke a joint as far as inhaling it…She's used to cigarettes. And since I'm not "very good" at it either and I'm just now learning about a whole new world of usage, I'm not a good one to try to explain it to her.

    I've Googled "how to inhale marijuana / joints" and I get not much by way of videos but wack ass stereotype stoners…or millennial kids explaining how to smoke "in a safe place for the 1st time.

    I know how to "smoke weed" so to speak….But I'm not very good at it :/ Inhaling, exhaling, keeping smoke in lungs…

    My friend calls me "the dragon" because of how I smoke. :/

    I'd like to be more confident, personally. And my mom really does need to know how to get the most out of smoking weed to provide some relief for her symptoms.

    If you have or were to make a vid, I know it'd be just what I've been looking for by way of "instructions," explanation and education.

    I know it seems rudimentary, but it would be super helpful! Maybe there's more people out there, like us, that want or need to improve their "intake?" And make the most out of the benefits of smoking weed.

    Pls email or mssg me pls if u can if u don't have a vid like this but are going to make one. I do subscribe to your channel, but wouldn't want to miss this specific vid if u make and upload it. 🙂

    Kkty once more! ;)

  • Josh, my mom likes you and your video! 😀

    We were watching, then her house phone rang and she had to answer it, so I paused vid that I casted on her 50 inch tv in living room…

    A few minutes later, my mom gets off the phone…And I'm looking at my phone, as i do, and she gets off rhe phone and says to me, "so did he actually smoke that big fat thing??!"

    Me: ROFL??????
    That is something I never heard thought I'd hear my mom say!!!???
    …if you only knew my mom…she's a lot like the mom on Brady Bunch, but with a slight "edge."

    I also never thought I'd be trying to learn and educate my mom on using marijuana!

    I'm 37 and "Weedology" and the "openess," knowledge and even the "culture" has grown leaps and bounds since when I started with marijuana back in the day!!! I never thought, in my wildest dreams then that I'd be able to watch and learn from videos like yours…We has no YouTube! We barely had High Times Magazine and even that had a stigma associated with it! ?

    Now the sky is the limit with weed knowledge, better quality and accessibility, and the even the gear that can be used for marijuana! I mean there's serious brands and strains, wow. We had not man of that!

    So anyway, had to share, my mom likes your video. I think u made her feel more comfortable as well as informed.

    She is new to the idea of using weed. She needs is medically for pain, hunger etc… She has stage 4 cancer. My nephew from Colorado finally got her to be open to the idea and try it hopefully to help with some of her symptoms. Apparently she had a few bad experiences when she tried it when she was younger that made her weary of using it. I'm learning new stuff, thanks to awesome videos like yours to try to help her. I didn't even think she could watch your vid at first when I casted it….But you kept her attention…then educated her and I think u really made her feel comfortable.

    So long story short, my mom likes you. Keep doing what you do with your great edutaintional videos….And know that is is life changing for people like my mom.

    (She's pretty nieve, but open minded…She's definitely intimidated my the idea of using marijuana and she always thinks she's "doing it wrong." Your videos help to educate and build her knowledge and confidence.)

    Job well done. Thank you, sincerely and deeply. Idk if u have any idea how helpful this video was for her and I even.

    I can't roll a j for nada! Everyone always rolled for me. Culturally, that's how we did in my realm. So this had also been a sort fof "bonding experience" for and her too. She never knew of my marijuana usage growing up. So this is something new we share these days. I just want to help her feel comfortable and not be in as much pain. Legalizing marijuana I'm every state for Cancer survivors should be a must, nay a right. She's been struggling with this for 6 years. The weed is new to her and we hope it helps.

    kk, sharing time over. Dude, last thanks and more thanks. What u do makes a difference and is very Much appreciated.

  • My mom and I want to know what the heck canoeing is!!??

  • To roll a perfect joint every time
    1. wrap the paper around a pencil
    2. push one end of the paper a little bit off the pencil and twist it to make the end of the joint
    3. grind up your weed and pour it in the paper
    4. pack it down a lot
    5. pour more weed and keep packing and pouring until it has enough to put a filter at the end
    6. smoke the joint

  • Love me my zags but I use JOBS a lot cause my dad did

  • These videos make me want a joint so bad ??I have to wait till Friday doe

  • "the shittest end is what i put my tip in"

  • This is so different to how I roll// I'm from england

  • What grinder do you use? It looks awesome

  • I'm done xD "when the ash fell"