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Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams tells us what 4/20 means to him.
#onthis420 @weedmaps


  • hahahahahahaha

  • 80 percent of the NBA smokes. Legalize it.

  • Pro athletes and millionaires love cannabis, but broke-ass losers hate it, I never understood that

  • Ricky, thank you for all the wonderful years being a New Orleans Saints player and a True Texan, plus being a Power House Running Back. Also, thank you for taking a stand and telling people about how marijuana has helped you throughout your life. You have always been a man of true character and courage. GOD bless you, I pray you have a happy life.

  • You know, there's this thing called instagram.

  • I met a few pro athletes that smoked and said it helped them more than pills could.

  • As a Dolphins fan, I'll always have love for Ricky 👌

  • Sick ass dude

  • I'm a Saints fan and old Iron Mike Ditka must have been blitzed when he traded for this dood…

  • MCM

    Ron Dayne > ricky w