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Rez Block – (Product Review)


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Thought i’d do a full product review on this Rez Block, simply because it’s quite an interesting product!! Its a natural additive that you put in your bongs to prevent resin build-up! It’s made with fruit extracts (Cranberry), vegetable glycerin, purified water, and citric acid. There is a huge list of pros & a small list of cons, but that’s what the video is for!! 😛

Overall I give this product a solid [5/7] – For those with a large glass collection, this would cut cleaning time substantially!! 😛

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  • I've been using RezBlock for a couple of months now and love it! My bong has stayed looking brand new except for the stemless joint area that I only have to clean once a week! This product has kept my inline perc completely free of resin! This amazed me because I am a daily toker!

  • For a stoner you make pretty decent videos(tongue in cheek). I've watched quite a few of them and find them very thorough.

  • your shirt is awesome omg

  • Where did you get that shirt?

  • Hey man, love your channel, way better than "jolie olie"s, I was thinking about how you said the rezblock works, and check this.. so if the rezblock is somehow putting a slick coating on the inside of your piece so that shit doesnt build up inside the piece, wouldn't that "shit", or ash or whatever, "slide" through your bong and straight into yo lungs? I mean, the rez has to go somewhere…

  • in your expert opinion do you get as high from vaping than smoking? like do you get as equally medicated, im trying to get away from smoking, 25 years of it has totally wrecked my lungs ive just got myself a vaporizer so its definitely the way i am going, i think

  • My name will be josh ?

  • I wonder what will happen if you put carbonated water in a bong

  • i love joshes shirts.

  • Thanks for this vid I got free rezblock when i got my 420 jar have not used it yet

  • I use rez block in my HiSi double u perc, and it stays clean way longer than normal, although it looks like he may have used too much in this video, the water should be only slightly discolored (I work in a head shop)

  • so what i got from this is the rez is out of your bong and goes right into your lungs? lol

  • Cheers

  • just use milk

    Been smoking bud since I was 13 i'm 19 now,mainly for sleep and stomach issues but at 13 I was just a here and there smoker,became a daily toker at 15,been growing since I was 14 but didn't get it down pack until about 16 years old then I took it indoors and fully understood how to manipulate and basically becoming mother nature.I have had some great harvest trial and errors but have quit growing because I don't want to ruin my future since i'm in a illegal state TENNESSEE.Hopefully one day I'll be able to start again and pursue my passion,you guys are really gifted to have that freedom to smoke what god gave us and not risk your freedom but killing my liver and other organs with synthetic drugs,oxy,hydros,etc. is perfectly fine and taking away all joys of life with it is a bonus for them it seems.I never understood why I would have to leave Tennessee to access my choice of medicine over theirs,ones that have proven to taken thousands upon thousands of lives every year.Like I say we are one nation under 2 different laws it is screwed up that one civilian in the same country as I am paying federal,and state taxes get different treatment when it comes to my health or access to medicine you basically have to become a refugee of your home state to live a healthier and way less dangerous life when it comes to obtaining my medicine!!!!! I only smoke high grade now and theres no selection just whatever "loud" they have at the moment.Trust me I have had some good ole Mexican dirt bud so fresh out of the gas tank you can smell what grade gasoline it was bundled and hid in lol cheers from out west!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i change my water every time i smoke. i like cold water. i use tap water. its fine. i drink it so why not smoke with it

  • thc is soluble in glycerin. you're just losing thc in the rez block instead of on the surface of the glass.

  • kinda seems pointless to me resin doesn't build up on water it's on glass so how does it keep resin off the inside of downstem, above water level, etc.

  • less rez on the glass but more rez in your lungs? More higher but possibly more tar build up in your lungs