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“Releaf Wax Pen” – (Product Review)



Got an awesome review on the Releaf wax pen today!! I’m someone who uses wax pens on the regularly, so it’s hard to find a wax pen that fits my daily criteria. THIS FITS ALMOST ALL OF THEM!! Awesome product!! Overall I give it a [6.6/7]


  • Does anyone know what will happen if you smoke flower out of it??

  • 5:11 oil went for a ride

  • Hey +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) do you know anywhere else besides the website to get one of these pens from?? I used to order them from that site but it's been not working for a good couple of months now and I can't seem to contact anyone from that company for help

  • great review always love watching your vids but have you found a pen ti satisfy your needs? and if not what would you regard as the best one youve used

  • It's really weird that you only have 17K…it seems like you who would have at least 100,000K hah

  • Hey josh have you ever tried the dr. Dabber ghost pen?

  • Good Review.  You should also check out the Black Out X.  Its a 3 in 1.  I was considering buying it but haven't seen many solid reviews yet.

  • Im definitely smoking with ya! Lemon OG babyyy!

  • Im so high ass fuck right now im smoking a blunt in a gas mask it get me so high i think i might just pass out lol nice video bro keep up the good work 

  • I have that same vape I highly recommend it for those who like smoking quick and easy while your outdoors

  • Damn dogg you look just like I do if I grew my beard out but great video and as a fellow conisuer of cannabis and a grower I have to ask, what strains do you perfer? what is your top 3? Do you prefer indica or sativa? And just by any chance do you ever get seeds in your flowers? I've been wanting to get ahold of some blue afghan and ak-47 seeds so I can grow again this spring. If not its all good. But cheers man great video 

  • Whaddup Josh i love to just kick back to your videos and smoke. You're mad chill and your vids are mad enjoyable to watch. Keep smokin, peace and pot.

  • Hey Josh, I was thinking that the instrumental for 3005 by Childish Gambino (especially the chorus) would work nicely for background music for your show, just a suggestion :p, cheers

  • Cheers josh!

  • Awesome man! just getting off a week TBreak! Feels awesome to get those cannabinoids deep in my lungs! CHEERS CHA CHA CHA CHEEEEERSSSSSS

  • Hey Josh, I have a question. What kind of bong would you recommend within the price range of 130-160? Would you say honeycomb percalators are better then inline? Cheers brah hope you're doing 100% soon

  • Good Tokes. 

  • I was thinking of getting a vape pen first and then get a rig when I start smoking wax. Great review helps out for me in the future.

  • This beat reminds me of the song Sloe Gin