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Just a quick update to show you guys i’m still alive! Also filling you in on how i’m managing pain post surgery! Hoping things will be back to normal by the end of next week!! Cheers all~

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  • Have been having gastrointestinal issues all my life, have to have an ultrasound on it soon.  Hopefully I don't have to have surgery.  Best wishes to you!

  • glad to hear ur doin better n hope u get alot better real quick, sendin ya good vibes, take care of ya self

  • hope you feel better man

  • Bout to do a wake n bake I'll smoke a bowl fr u cheers!

  • Hope you're healing well man! Surgeries definitely blow.. Hope your friday and weekend is rad bro. Take it easy :D

  • Glad to see you are doing well and staying positive! Hope you are feeling 100% soon! cheers

  • Thanks for updating us, heal as best you can, take care of yourself

  • Sending you plenty of positive vibes brother, hoping for a swift recovery for you. Glad to hear you're able to still medicate in some form!

  • Get well soon ! Cheers from Germany.

  • Glad to see you recovering well and keeping your spirits up….can't wait to see you rippin those rigs again soon though haha Cheers dude!

  • Well I could help u out with a design/ graphic I'm not a pro but I can do it 

  • 161 likes 0 dislikes good luck on recovering bro 

  • I smoked a few for ya lol.. I must say i think ur the most positve person i ever seen.. Hope you get well soon man. Chchcheers ?????

  • Hope you get well soon Josh!!* from the Hbdabfellas and TheGMOFAM 

  • smoking one for you, feel better josh

  • Focus on getting well, brother! Glad to hear everything went well!

  • Ady

    My wife had her gall bladder removed a few years ago, it was about to rupture! She was in so much pain. I really feel for you bro. Glad you have access to other forms of cannabis. Look forward to the review. Cheers

  • Glad Youre ok.Heal quickly Brother!

  • Sending Good vibes to ya buddy! 

  • I really enjoy your positive philosophy. Glad that everything went well.