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“Raspberry Kush” – (Strain Review)


The genetics of Raspberry Kush have long been disputed, but it’s not clear exactly what they are today. Some say it’s a Bubba Kush cross, others say it has a landrace in it. What we do know, is that it’s an Indica strain that will provide you with a quickly onset creative cerebral high, that transitions into a minor pain relieving & muscle calming body high.

This would be a great strain for Pain, Muscle Spasms, Minor Nausea, and Appetite Stimulation. Overall I give this strain a solid [5.6/7]

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  • whats that lighter thing he has

  • Review on xxx og ?

  • you should do a strain review on bruce banner and mango kush

  • what kind of vape is that?

  • Josh correct me if I am wrong but CBD is the main accepted medical components in marijuana because it has the most medical relief

  • Oh my gosh that frost and that snap. That shit looks fantastic. I need to stop buying just 10$ grams. Cheers from camino island, WA!

  • have you done a vid on BlackBerry kush?

  • this would make sense if it had the katsu cut of bubba in it. i dont enjoy this genetic too much dosent have that punch im lookin for :p

  • Is this the same Raspberry Kush that's AKA Pink Champagne? I just got a clone of the Pink the other day.

  • and TODYyYAYaygyyAYAYYAYyayyayYA

  • Omfg that looks good

  • To easily figure out how much his rating equals out of a 10 scale is remove the decimal he puts in his rating and divide that number by seven. (3.5/7 equals 5/10 because 35 divided by 7 is 5.

  • i love weed

  • Hey man, I do not smoke, but I absolutely see the positives of Medical Marijuana. I enjoy your videos.

  • Hey Josh, just a suggestion; you should review the ARIZER SOLO portable vape. it is the best vape on the market and it fuckin rips!! if not, at least try it on your own time you will not regret it :)

  • that's looks like some dank!!!!!

  • Where do you get all of these strains? just wondering

  • why is this guys weed so green my weed is always dark i never have light green weed but it is realy good

  • I smoked some raspberry kush up in oregon very tasty and potent. I wish I could share pics on here

  • sold out crap