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Quick Update From Gil – Just wanted to give you guys a quick update and see if you have any questions for me, Tang or the both of us… Hit us back. Peace – Gil


  • Could be right about all that other stuff, but the flaming up isnt from under purged oil. There is no way that butane would still be on a titanium pad after being dabbed on at 6-800 degrees F. That was excess plant matter, an impurity nonetheless.

  • Still, i would like to know how that went down you know… And why there isn't a medicinal marijuana bootcamp anymore.

  • You play bass?

  • semen

  • Awesome, thanks boys. I got a question for ya gil; what's your opinion on the strain LSD? And good you give some basic info on it? I'd appreciate it and keep up the vids, you guys do an amazing job.

  • hey this is a question for alec and i was wondering how sombody would get a job of testing medical marijuana

  • EVERY ONE EVERY ONE wants to now that answer but i dont think theyll ever let us now i guess personal beef

  • Are there Any tests being done on BHO to ensure it's safe for human consumption?? Seems sketchy? What do you think?

  • do either of yall play that bass thats chillin in the background

  • Chubbs beat the shit out of him and tangs a pussy 🙂 CCC all day

  • i just don't appreciate being judged just because I'm underage, just as any of you would want to be judged for using marijuana by people who don't use it.

  • what are some potent sativas or sativa dom hybrids that grow well outdoors? finish less than 60days

  • was i talking to you? no? shut the fuck up then. what about me following guidelines written into sb 420 and prop 215 allowing minors use with parental consent makes you look bad? you don't even know me, I'm not looking to get stoned and not get in trouble for it, i have mental health problems.

  • Tang and Gil – What is your favorite dispensary and what is you favorite medicine from there?

  • Do y'all ever smoke out of vaporizers, and what are the pros and cons of using them

  • Ya you guys should get chubbs in there some time.


  • well then y r u watching thish video u dumb fuck?

  • How do you create your own strain?