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Thought i’d throw up a quick video to tell you all why there hasn’t been the normal daily schedule the last few days!! Should be back to normal in no time! 😛

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  • Man, that update was SICK!

  • hope you gte better josh! ps love you (nohomodoe)

  • happy moons, friend.

  • im so happy you exist in the world lol

  • i recently started waching your vids and your my favorite channel about weed

  • You should totally get Fallout 4, comes out at midnight!!

  • CHEERS JOSH! smart move man!

  • How do you like halo 5 Josh?

  • You are very entertaining and informative, and have a funny dry wit about you. Keep up the good work and the cool vids coming!

  • +Jeremy Lin scientists do not yet agree on whether or not THC causes psychosis. There is evidence for it, but it has not yet been proved. There are well executed studies showing that it is opposite of what you think. It's not cannabis use causing psychosis; its genes (that predispose people to psychosis) causing cannabis use. There's also the self-medicate theory. That people with psychosis or problems related to it find cannabis as a way to self medicate as there are not a lot of healthy or effective drugs out there to combat it.

  • This is the most optimistic YouTube channel out there. I like it.

  • Can you please help me !! I also have GI problems which cannabinoids would be best to look for in a strain ?? Cbg ???

  • The beard!! love it man never shave it bro! Cheers!!

  • hope ya feel better soon josh

  • Pause at 0:03???

  • why don't people try to extract the THC out of resin it sounds crazy but like what if it works and makes a decent concentrate it could be like the future

  • I HATE taking pills… I almost choke on them every time no matter how many or little I take.

  • Get better man, your health is almost the most important!

  • Just vaporize

  • Hope you get better I just recently started smoking and I love your vidoes