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The Hawks beat the Packers tonight 36-16! Starting off the season 1-0 is always a good feeling!!!! Will always be a diehard Hawks fan, stuck with them during the bad times and now it’s paying off 😛 We’ll see how the rest of the season goes!!!! Cheers all~



  • Just found your channel and love it! Go Patriots!

  • Fuck the seachickens lol jkjk but denvers better josh lol

  • All about the cardinals

  • Just watching some of your old vids.. I'm a pats fan so I guess I shouldn't wear one of my jerseys in a challenge video 😛 I've been spending the day watching some games from last season dabbing out !

  • Cool vido hit me up on my pag that is crazy lobato

  • Too bad I'm from Colorado

  • didnt get it done against my chargers!!! haha stay high bro

  • Hawks looked really good. The Packers not so much haha.

  • Hahaha ban-wagoner I love seeing people think this team's good. Seahawks will get there's, karma is a bitch. Cheating Faggots.

  • Quick question bro you a gamer ? I am haha 

  • i was like, Hawks is a basketball team … and then i was like oh … the SEA-HAWKS

  • Yes sir! They beasted out there. Great to see. If your still gonna check out Shh, I'd suggest calling ahead of time if there is something particular that you want. They were out of my first 2 choices and didn't really have any refined seattle. I ended up picking some other meds up. good quality but disappointed that they didn't have what I had my heart set on 🙁 Nice place though

  • Awesome vids. New sub. Dabbin on some purple snow shatter. Sub back. Stay lifted

  • Sweet win!!

  • ? Packers yo
    Thought about making a video like this but my team lost. Lol

  • That was a CRAZYYYYY game last night 

  • Cheers bro!

  • good work be happy and good luck bro take care

  • Beast