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Quartz Castle (Product Review)


Today I did a review on the Chris Schuler Quartz Castle nail! This is my new daily driver!! You really can’t beat this nail for the price and quality! Overall I give this nail a [6.8/7] I’ll have a meltshot montage out soon 😛

I suggest picking one up from a local headshop or trying to get one from Chris Schuler himself!

Where to buy them from online (Don’t know the quality of these sites)

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  • lol wu tang in the background

  • i have one of these and it works wonders keep calm and dab on my friend :)

  • waaayy too hot

  • you should review the incredibowl m420, they even have a bubbler and a nail for it!!!

  • So those fit loose. Just bought one for a 14mm and it's pretty wobbly 

  • I like this

  • thanks for the review, hope you stay safe and stay medicated 

  • This is a classic nail made by a professional glass maker studio. So many people rep this nail. And I see it went down in price 5 bucks, sweet deal at the link in your description above

  • love the look of your new nail man awesome

  • You shouldnt hold the torch like that when your torching the nail

  • I've bought 3 from the smokin J's site you listed, fast shipping would def recommend. Also they list them as small and large on tier site small is 14 not 10 and large is 18 FYI

  • Love my quartz castle!

  • GranmaDabs here! Your videos alone make me high! Have enjoyed you all summer long!

  • lovin' these product reviews, cheers from milwaukee!

  • hey bro u should try a low temp ceramic domless the flavor and smoothness is in my opinion un matched. cheers. o and ps get a cab cap it helps with low temps to where it will hold the heat more and it actually helps finish off the dab.