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Purr Glass “Bent Neck Nano Matrix” – (Glass Review)


Got a review on this interesting 11″ Purr Glass Bent Neck Nano Matrix tube! This is what I would consider to be a daily driver for any oil smokers.

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  • Okay, so I don't really understand what the "perks" are or whatever it is that you point out in the bong ??

  • This peice is so sick

  • I know he explained it in the video, but I would like to hear others opinions on why this pipe would not be a first choice for smoking flower? It looks like a very nice setup.

  • Nice closeups! they get better and better after each one i swear.

  • thanks for coming onto pka. too bad the devil lettuce will kill you. xD

  • Nice video as always josh! STAY HIGH!

  • reveiw pax 2

  • Ahah, that's some dope groove. You bubbled some 8th-note triplets relative to the song @2:42

  • baby lungs

  • A lot of people on Customgrow420's channel in comments r sayin that Jolie's dead can anybody confirm that

  • I wanna meet you so bad! I wish we could skype </3

  • hey josh have you ever done shrooms or lsd ? if so do a video

  • I actually went to the smoke shop couple days back and bought one similar to this one for the plug, was so stoked to have my first rig tho, glad you made a review on something like mines lol.

  • where are the videos :(

  • Josh are u alive?

  • for a nerd your English is terrable, you said i can English, a video befor you kept saying legos thats like saying look at them sheeps over there

  • When I seen he hadn't uploaded a video in 5 days I was like fuck! But then remembered he's moving out so he doesn't have much spare time on his hands

  • Hey josh, love the videos, always wondering what strain is the most common among the "illegal" community as I am in that category and it would be cool if you could make a video on that and also what it's like to transition from illegal to legal and how did you find the "perfect" strain for you? I'm from Australia and it will be a long time before its legal here but I'm going to Canada soon and just curious what I should try/transition too, thanks/cheers :)

  • Loving the new tat! Youtube icon? ;D

  • I think I've already commented this, but holy shit his hair is majestic as hell.