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Purple Pez Strain Review

Join Gil and WilliamBreathes as they sample some Purple Pez from Cure Dispensary.


  • Bret Bogue grew these genetics and was the original maker of the pez

  • Do you have a paper uhh no lol

  • @eastjones no offence, but he obviously doesnt go into dispensaries in his mask and hat, otherwise what would be the point of wearing it in his videos lol he does it so they dont know who he is when he is buying the weed…

  • 0:26 baaaked hahaha

  • yellow and green lighters are bad luck for me. and wtf?!?! JURASSIC 5!?!?! man these guys pick the best music.

  • I went a into local dispensary wearing a Rockies' hat and a mask like William's, and they gave me a bunch of free weed

  • @XxthemetalloverxX someone that doesnt like the NATURALS

  • these are the episodes i miss..


  • @XxthemetalloverxX Harry Anslinger

  • Gil sounds like Robert Downey Jr., no joke.

  • i think i just cameeeeeeee…..

  • @trevorall2006 dude thats exactly what i thought ahahahhahaha

  • @XWizxKhalifa420X white lighters are "Bad Luck"..

  • he gots tht wiz khalifa laugh haha

  • @m0bber Jurassic 5 Radio

  • @zalen292 yea thx and can you tell the songname please?

  • the difference in behaviour after their hit is so jokes. From professional reporters to full out stoners. "There's definately magic" "we're gonna go make snow angels"

  • @blazeablunt4200 you're right. we should totally have left the table empty so people could stare at the beautiful wood grain on that desk…

  • White is in the rainbow?