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Purple Monkey Balls – Marijuana Review – 420Portal

Watch Kara “Smoke and Review” Purple Monkey Balls. This is an Indica Dominate Marijuana Strain. Granddaddy Purple and Afghani.

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  • I've got some extremely good cuts of this strain, it's actually an older strain that's been around at liest since 2004 one of the best purple strains out there other than the original purple kush and good luck finding that one it's hard as hell to come by nowadays but was the bombest shit ever, I remember smoking it for the first time way back in 98 and still has been one of the best highs I've ever had, shit would hit you like taking painkillers really narcotic heavy stoned type of high, most the purple strains we have today are just new hybrids of the old school original Purple kush, granddaddy purple, purple Urkel, grape ape, purple monkey balls, and a few others all carry purple kush genetics in their lineage!

  • I tried this strain a couple months back i love how smooth it is and how heavy it makes your eyes it's not as sedating as some other strains but after a 3 or 4 bowls you get pretty baked off this stuff then it's amazing great for stress and depression. 

  • That's odd. You have a condenser microphone and yet I'm hearing a stereo recording? Anyway, pretty fire-lookin bud you've got there.

  • i remember toking on this strain back in '13… man FIREEEE AT IT'S FINEST! Now im looking foward to grow some of this crazy fire strain.

  • It would actually get u high if it was reL n u inhaled lmfaoo

  • Wait why is there clips of you not inhaling ? Some fucked up site tryna seduce people just get a stoner on instead of this plastic trash.