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Purple Lavendar

Gil sits down with Keith from POT PCA once again! This time to review a beautiful flower called Purple Lavender. Enjoy!


  • Hahahah he really did!

  • Keith blows out his nug skip to 1:41

  • Bandelero slightly stoopid,
    Sensimilla slightly stoopid

  • slightly stoopid

  • hows the butane taste gil?

  • Da vinci Font on The P, O, & T…Da vinci is My Shizz!

  • hmm not.. he exhaled twice before cleaning the bong, and he only coughed cause he underestimated himself by trying to taking a huge hit

  • Cheeeeeers keep it smoking Gil you rooock bro check my starin reviews and grow vids Peace and Pot ^^

  • @bamf696 Let Gil smoke the way he wants to, nothing more annoying like fags like you telling people how to smoke.

  • Man love these dudes. (no homo) nice buds keep the videos coming.

  • His names should be keif not Keith 😛

  • Dude on the left took a fucking monster rip.

  • that was an awful bowl pack u dont just put huge nugs in it!

  • whats up with the caculator sported the red afro?

  • lol keith looks like rob riggle

  • thank you gentlemen… and ladies


  • Please, I beg, can weed not turn into snobby, yuppie wine tasting shit?

  • i want to be a part of nugporn .. like so bad haha

  • slightly stoopid! props