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“Purple Kush” – (Strain Review)


Purple Kush is a pure Indica strain that is a cross between (Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani) that emerged from the Bay Area of California. It’s a very high yielding strain that grows out instead of up and produces very dense purplish buds.

It’s great for Pain, Insomnia, Spasms, Stress, Nausea, Appetite Stimulation, and Anxiety. It provides you with a very relaxing, calming, almost sedating body high and a subtle euphoric head high. Overall I give this strain a [6.6/7]

Purple Kush Recalled in Canada –

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  • It's an insomnia strain? I think he meant insomnia reliever/relieving strain. :]

  • I'm from the bay area fuck yea!

  • can you do a review on Purple Diesel if possible? ty.

  • I like your vids found your Chanel today and this strain is my fav

  • It made him talk at a normal rate..

  • Purple Kush or Granddaddy Purple.

  • Nice!!!!

  • those Nuggets are beautiful

  • I'd smoke weed everyday if I had the money. I'm responsible & pay bills bitch

  • Alex Williamson

  • it would be a great idea if you decide to split the bud in half in front of the camera to see how dry is the herb and also to appreciate the colors of inside of the bud! Idk just an idea.

  • what's the difference between purple kush and purple haze? is it the same thing? I know haze will leave me laughing for no reason…

  • central!!!!my friend I have psoriasis a nocontagious skin disorder I know a lot of people in cali get prescribed medical Marijuana for it blah blah. a lot of people say it does help it a lot etc also there is known cure for psoriasis it come from the inside your immune system confused etc Marijuanas anti inflammatory effects work so well for it what strain do you think would be good what do you recommend

  • Im subbing  nice show man.

  • where can I buy weed seeds online

  • that thing milks up sooo much

  • i want this for my migraines

  • This guy handing out medical advice.

  • lol… Super Brown.. 😛 <2

  • smoking the same!