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“Purple Berry Kush” – (Strain Review)


PBK Macro! 🙂 – []

PBK is a cross between [Purple Kush x Blueberry] and provides you with a heavy Indica high! It tastes like sweet blueberries with hints of grape and smells like grapes! Would be great for those suffering from Anxiety, Pain, Insomnia, and Lack of Appetite. Overall I give this beautiful strain a [6.5/7]


  • try more joints josh it's nice to have a bong but you will get nice flavour from a joint ?✌✌ us completely different flower anyway love to try it

  • Beat at 7:20? and Great video, just picked up this strain

  • looks super fire, wish i could enjoy these fire strains but unfortunately i live in iowa were i am a criminal for enjoying my cannibus. one day we will all be free!!

  • im not even sure if you noticed yourself rhyming.. "that one bowl of flowers, I would be good for a couple of hours" lol!

  • I thought the fan was a giant bowl on the bong at the start wtf

  • I did the same a few weeks back had the flower orange ghost and the oil from that flower ha it was epic!

  • hey guys , this piece of wax is shaped a bit like Poland, just saying

  • what is this song around 5:26?

  • Call me old school but I'll forever prefer sticky flowers over concentrates .

  • Subbed! Your vids rock man just got my green card out in AZ any advice for a beginner dab setup? Cheers! 

  • I seriously appreciate the quality of your videos. Your videos always include so much helpful information and you're so awesome and entertaining to watch so I just wanted to say thank you! 

  • He hella cool tho and at least he's positive towards other ppl he dont be trynna diss ppl doe

  • Never tried this strain, gonna have to get my hands on it sometime. Great video Josh. cheers!

  • Sweet video man

  • That bud is furry!

  • That's sad to hear man I love me some flower, i took a dab for the first time not to long ago but I didn't think it was that great of wax I didn't fully get high. Need to try better wax next time!

  • Thank you for the nug porn!

  • Josh….you the man broski

  • Love your content and your personality, Josh. you da man! churrs

  • What up Josh, I'm smoking on some Blurple that I got from PDA Lounge in Seattle. It's not too bad, I'd rate it a 6.5/10. What type of perc does the first dab rig have?