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Product Showcase – Shatter Tanks Vape Pens – Check out the new Vape Pens From Shatter Tanks provided by Humble House. A healthier and more discreet way to enjoy your favorite strains.

Find Shatter Tanks from Humble House on weedmaps:


  • shattttter rocks. buy your crack rocks here you guys.

  • so does anyone know for sure, are these co2 oil or bho? Thanks.

  • 1:06 she was high

  • anyone wanna play h1z1 message me

  • fuck pens i love my rig xD

  • Nice if only it was legal here.

  • Yes!!!!! One week my 18 bday getting this ish and my rec lol #onelove

  • Gil or fuck it.

  • stop calling it shatter oil. shatters a consistency, not just another term for bho. That obviously isn't shatter, it would be a rock. Maybe it was shatter at some point, but its not in the pen.

  • How is it first of its kind if Chubs was doing Shatter Tanks way before this???

  • Thought BHO was illegal in california

  • Holy fuck i need this in my life too bad i dont live in cali

  • i agree with most of the other comments.

  • Im not being negative here but this is not a review, this is an advertisement.

  • How is this a review? looks like commercial to me :D

  • BHO is disgusting.

  • Sure beats smuggling dope over a border to help the ecnomy.

  • Probably better than getting drunk if you want to let your hair down and relax a bit.

  • +Weedmaps TV So how much did that thing leak for you?

  • She doesn't even inhale wtf.