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Product Showcase – Magic Flight Maud Dib Concentrate Box

Check out Magic Flight’s Maud Dib Concentrate Box in this special Product Showcase!

Visit to see their full product offerings!


  • man this company sucks

  • I'm smoking that good crud.. 

  • Worst design I have ever seen what a piece of shit 

  • Seems like a lot of work…..getting the product to stick to the "burner"…..

  • pretty well known for being horrible? wtf? its one of the best handheld dry herb vapes out there with amazing costumer service.

  • Or you can just get the $15 concentrate tray that already works with the launch box haha. Works just as well. Wish they would have shown the orbiter

  • Since I don't like being negative, I made a list of the things I liked about the magic flight launch box:

  • I'd like to see a full review pls!

  • Will we see the high times vids or the canabis cup vids 

  • Think you're supposed to cook the screen once before use. Smoking and driving is also illegal pretty much anywhere cannabis is legal.
    No comments on the product? Just an add for them?

  • They always overprice their wooden junk, $169.99 for a wooden piece of junk that isn't even liked within the weed smoking community. Gil should of just told the truth for the good of his fans, magic flight box is crap and with e-cigs becoming more popular and coming with herb attachments that work and taste 10 times better than mfb and cost less there is simply no reason to buy this waste of money.

  • Made in San Diego from what I understand. I have one and I love it. I gave up on the Launch Box because I wanted bigger hits, but this thing works perfectly for me. Gil put a huge dab in there, and probably couldn't clear it. This is low-temp dabbing and it can take a long breath to clear a big dab. I went from glass to titanium to quartz using a torch, and I definitely prefer this. Instant on, instant off like a pen, but hits harder. Make sure to order the power adapter for the high heat to clean the screen.

  • 1:46 Lol "…in case if you ever wanna vape in your car"

  • The chinese are making millions of us mugs 

  • lol i had the original version YEARS ago when i was in high school what the fuck it stille xists..

  • Wooden vaporizers lmfao

  • This product is a waste of money.

  • I once bought the original magic flight box for $150 usd. I was so disappointed. It works, but it's the most retarded vaporizer i've ever used.

  • You didn't even say if it was good or not…

  • It's pronounced "Mo-Ah deeb", it's the name of the main character from the Dune series of books. Sorry for the geeky correction lol

    Also the designs on the charger/some of MF Launch Boxes are fractals cause dey trippy.

    Thanks for the review, I've heard nothing but good things about those vaporizers!