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Prix Di Ami – Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour

Join Gil & Tang as they receive a great tour from Yuri of the Prix Di Ami Coffee Shop in Amsterdam!


  • wow the lounge !

  • Oh my God this is the Paradise i Love you amsterdam

  • Can you get dabs here I've been but didn't see 

  • I liked it, I wasn't a fan of the loud music though, it got a bit much if you got too high, I would of preferred to chill more but its a good place.

  • Nachos with guacamole and some buddah cheese in the lounge were not bad

  • Aw I miss that place, it was always fun to flirt with the dealers ;)

  • love sitting here, the drinks are expensive though

  • nicest lookin place ever

  • fuck greenhouse overrated overpriced weed voyagers and utopia have better quality. prix d ami the chineese budtender is a prick rude motherfucker

  • green house for the best product, prix di ami for having proper seating; the venue in general

  • Wrong sir its The greenhouse in my opinion

  • you guys used the music of atmosphere back then

  • Verdens beste / worlds best CoffeeShop . Takk for besøket , vi kommer igjen , og igjen , og igjen : )

  • Nicee coffeeshop 😉

  • LOOOOL Spain gets that African bush weed aka dead shit

  • "please come back next year…"

    "ill be back fucking tomorrow"


  • beste

  • welcome to youtube 😉

  • the video couldn't of ended one second earlier -_-

  • I see you got 1 auto disliker bot on your ass