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Premium Organic Treatments PCA Stop by today and see what mega deals they have to offer at this Anaheim collective!


  • the quality is lacking luster!!

  • smoking a joint and then getting a massage… that would be amazing

  • it look like its really easy to smoke legal weed in the states.. i got spinal nerve roots pain, i will take some pot i will feel better.. wait im in canada, i got no choice, taking oxycontin with alot of side effects, or other shit from the fucking doctor..

  • LOL is clearly says POT wheres PCA

  • @chrisOCturbo right on bro i dont even live in that state and i cannot stand CPA becuz of one certin guy on you tube…can ya guess who?

  • DAAM we have so many smart ASSES here everybody thinks they know everything CPA ain't got shit on P.O.T…hit me up when CPA get ice cold refreshing fresh MEDICATED SMOOTHIES

  • 1:08 "for our members diagnosed with ill'dnesses"

  • @shuckafree At least yall can actually go to a store and buy cannabis, I certainly wouldn't be complaining.

  • Honesty I hate these infomercial. Thanks for putting me off watching your videos. Bring back the older videos with human interactions – where things are not scripted and blatantly advertised.

  • OG Kush is not a pure indica..Some cuts may be heavy, like 70/30, but definitely not 100% indica

  • Weak sauce.

  • dude y were they rushing sooooo much holy shit she was raping the bud tryin to get it in the container and y not take your time she couldnt even put the label on the container straight she was trying to go so fast lol messed up

  • chick is destroying those buds. also the blueberry she was digging in was all shake

  • They seem toooo fast, slow down with putting the bud in the container, Jesus!

  • OC has a few club GOD DAMN!

  • do some 10 min dispensery tour videos PLEASE!!!

  • i want a job there πŸ˜€

  • Looked like a retard trying to put herb in the jar at like 30.

  • @SourDiesel25 its better then seeing all the annoying pot heads….

  • Bring back the interview style! πŸ˜€