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Pre Lunch Green Crack with upgrade!

The sun is shining bright again OC today (Wed), and it was time to take a quick one before lunch with family. The bongrip was Green crack with some XJ13 budder blast and OG Honeycomb on top. The glass is a 6arm Sheldon Black bubbler. The flameless lighter is an Embur. Cheers!

Song: No Denial
Artist: El Centro

Ps. Semi obscure fact. I played bass and sang backup on this song. It’s one of my old bands. Peace – Gil


  • I just saw one of these embur on ebay. They are usually real expensive, but this auction starts at $140 and the buy it now is $190.

  • Toke toke it out man

  • it looks like you pulled through about half ur greens. get hemp for flower wands blow.

  • That green crack looks delicious

  • TOKE! TOKE! TOKE! TOKE! Now pass that green thisaway

  • mute

  • Damn what a rip

  • ill suck on your cock

  • yeah man…. thumbs up well said

  • sucking on the devils glasss./tinfoil COCK

  • so you wanna stop being a white trash coke head to smoke pot just cuz the "high" lasts longer?….do all us real "potheads" a favor…..stick to smoking crack ,cuz you obviously do not understand what the cannabis community is about! i bet you cant pay your bills cuz of coke….so keep chasing that tail

  • but it looks like green crap

  • idiot …i fucking know what green crack is???????????? retard i dont need a 5th graders help

  • i stopped watching cuz that burnout yhinks hes the god of denver pot! uhhh hes not! his vids are boring , and if he were to wear that damn bath robe in one more vid …id flip the fuck out/////yea he needs to cut that beard…dont get me wrong im all about beards….. but pauls beard looks like its recovering from chemotherepy

  • your a cock sucker a glass cocksuker huh ? this vid is about pot not powders, so go freebase with yer dead mommy

  • in 97 when i did coke i used to shoot it in my arms, no throat drip instantly hits you…..and can kill you even faster than smoking it

  • dude you dont know anything about coke! first of all coke is a chemical, water and coke dont make "ready" rock as you claim…you have to use either windex or amonia, to get coke to solidifie into pure oily cocaine, baking soda is used to stretch or cut the crack to turn 1 gram of pure crack into 3 grams of baking soda shit! to sell on the corner and kill people…..FUCK COCAINE

  • i never get why people light with a herb iron…just get some fucking flame on that… that's why i stopped watching that tokin daily fuck with the dirty weird beard

  • green crack being a sativa its perfect. Green as in Herb and crack as in energy sativas being softer highs and more conscious highs.

  • i never bought straight crack i smoked freebase, your some 15 year old ignorant kid crack isnt fucking cool at all you little faggot so fuck you, think what ever you want.