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POT PCA Strain review – Blue Cheese

Gil sits down with Keith from POT PCA to review their Blue Cheese!


  • Dirty jersey 

  • I love these people who don't know shit because they've never grown before.

  • Blue Cheese is Indica dom…..

  • My blue cheese is blue dream mixed with da cheeze , its a great sativa

  • blue cheese prob one of stinkiest bud ever no gettin rid of that smell

  • see at the end of the vid… 🙂

  • Whats the song in the background?

  • blue berry and cheese sativa???? uhhhh…

  • Everybody loves blue cheese, possibly my all time fave

  • nice i seen 3 differnt phoes from barneys blue cheese one small stocky pure indica bout foot tall then the othere was about meter high 50/50 sativa /indica then the other was about 7 foot tall pure sativa lookn all this from one pak of barneys blue cheese 5 fem seeds … u never know wat ur reely geting

  • oops sorry, yeh. the 2nd one (big budda and dutch passion blues IS the Barneys Farm one) PS, i recently been growing a strain from the Exodus lot called Psychosis Cheese. it is the BOMB! i shall be bussin on the grow channel @ triplebc666

  • barneys farm an big budda seeds is it not ?

  • It smells like the bottom of a foot and blue cheese. Sounds pretty accurate haha

  • Nuggggettt

  • this one vid is all it took then i subbed 🙂

  • hes yapin like a first time stoner!! weres tang! 🙁

  • Here in the UK we mainly come across Cheese strains, when it comes to getting nice cro, don't get me wrong we still get most other nice strains but cheeses just are so potent that everyone loves it. And I agree with your review of blue cheese, Nothing beats a cheese wake and bake in the morning… Wake me up more than a coffee.

  • I hear a banjo playing in the background of this memory… is it "Dueling Banjos"?

  • this dudes a fuck

  • Love all the new content, peace!