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I thought i’d do a real quick dab session in Portland before we headed home! It was a rainy couple days here, but this city is absolutely beautiful & the weed is incredible! πŸ˜›

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  • Ps. Your music you play in the background is always chill as fuck

  • Josh if you ever come to LA you have to go LA Wonderland Caregivers, they're on weed maps they're awesome they have everything from low to high grade and all of its at decent "donations" rates

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  • main st in Vancouver. Its like 10 mins from ptown. all our stuff is way better.

  • big chui YouTube channel like subscribe share Josh Peace Bud box Michigan

  • A B

    cheers fam

  • Why do u need a smoke buddy when dabbing is technically a vapor it should dissipate fast with little to no smell, correct or no?

  • ayy close to my home man.

  • I like being at high Heights while I'm high, because at first I'm like woah. Then I get scared, because I have a fear of heights. Whenever I'm in a tall building I look down, because it's fun to conquer fear. Especially when it's a glass wall. I never been to a hotel or anything, but they have glass walls at places like museums and similar places

  • go too grass shack!!!!!

  • cheers

  • smoke weed everyday, westside.

  • I'm so mad I live in Vancouver and I wish I would have seen u

  • Josh do you ever dab anything that's solventless

  • in portland we smoke we the blazers

  • club sky high st john's

  • Oregrown is in bend, where is that shout out?

  • Man! that's is my city!! PNW! next week it's all sun!! you came for the rain! we got a lot of dispensaries out in Vancouver/Gresham, but we got a lot of local rec shops.

  • oregons best meds

  • What si the scene like in Portland? How do they package their cannabis? Can you buy it lose or is it pre-sealed like in Washington?