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Flowermate sent over a couple of these iHit’s for me to try out! These are portable 5000mah batteries that have herb vaporizers & e-nail attachments. In my opinion, it’s one of the most portable travel units that i’ve ever had my hands on without a doubt!

Overall I give this a solid [5.9/7]

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
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  • Josh I like your logic "I'm high let's get higher".

  • poop

  • does anyone that vapes know if you can buy a tank to attach to a normal box mod to switch from smoking my vape juice to smoking dry herb, or even wax? totally new at this vape thing as well so any advice will help. even rude advice is welcomed! haha

  • $399 plus tax and S&H…..ouch.


  • no link to buy that's a bummer bro

  • REVIEW THE GRAV LABS FIRE BUTTON. i have it. 4.7/5 oil gets in the cartridge a lil id like to hear your thoughts on it

  • I can count my harvested buds now! Cut the rest of the Hemlock down today.

  • Yo Josh, if you're gonna get into desktop vapes I'd love to hear your thoughts on the VaporBrothers Handsfree

  • I have no socks on Josh so can review a strain called romulan like th ppl from star trek

  • so why is this better than just using a torch? i don't get it.

  • Josh, thanks for every bit of education about weed you bring to us. Shine on, man. I don't miss any vlog.

    Cheers from Brazil. I'm growing for the first time, even if it's illegal I'd rather take a risk than smoke that shit of brick weed. We call that "prensado".

    Okay, stoop with the flood, hahahahah. Keep doing the great job.

    #LegalizeJá #DescriminalizaSTF

  • I question why someone would dislike these?

  • hey josh, open your eyes.

  • Everything is better with a bong. ;-)

  • this was good josh, real detailed reveiw, good positive vibes from Humboldt Ca.

  • plz add a link to the product you reviewed.

  • I had some Banana Kush these days and it smelled like bananas so hard that it almost smelled like glue !