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PORTABLE DAB RIG?? – CloudV Electro Mini – (Product Review)


I’ve been looking for a portable device that actually does a good job of emulating an oil rig for quite a while now.. and I think i’ve finally found it! The Cloud V Electro mini a a variable temperature portable oil rig that makes using cannabis concentrates the CORRECT way, super easy! πŸ˜›

I give this unit a solid [6.4/7] overall!

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  • Love the shirt bro

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  • No matter what you upload i enjoy watching it stay positive stay medicated and peace out bois

  • Have you heard of the yo-can evolve plus dab pen? You should look into reviewing that

  • I've been calling them "e-rigs" but maybe that's just me, i feel like that's a good and fitting name

  • Oh look…another review…nice (sarcastic AS FUCK)

  • Hey man you should do a strain review on romulan consintraits cuz man it is great.

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    Yay, like #420

  • Take a bong rip every time Josh say "unit" lol

  • New Subscriber!

  • Bangers just hold the entire dab….no pooling. Hence why these will always be for on-the-go use. Actually I prefer bringing my glass outside and on the go….torch has become like a lighter to a smoker to me….its second nature. I like that they tried but I feel like the only way torches will end is if someone makes a wrap around coil for bangers, adjustable for 16mm-50mm bangers and it has a lipo battery pack on the side. so yes it makes your banger weight a bit more but no cords….proper enail banger dab sessions….portable….and easy rechargable….I HAVE no clue why this hassnt been invented yet.

  • Have you tested the dr.dabber version of this?

  • Sick of nothing but reviews of things I don’t care about πŸ™

  • These product reviews are getting stale man, Dabado, Source nail, Cloud V, it's all the same. Spice it up a little. 25 hits of christmas, eggnog bong rips, hell smoke out of a gingerbread man. Something! Cheers!

  • I love the positive messages at the end of every video, they never fail to lighten up my day

  • When i first watched your videos when you were all motivation i thought it was cringy but now it really helpsπŸ˜€ keep it up

  • When he says he loves us. Awe love you too Josh πŸ˜‚ wish u had more videos I haven't watched πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Yooo! Try the VapeXhale EVO! Better dab than any Enail or rig!

  • custom grow did this review a year ago josh im sure you know that tho please do more chill vidoes if yur gonna dish 15 minute long commercials all the time