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“Platinum Girl Scout Cookies” – (Strain Review)


This batch of cookies was grown by Aurum Farms! Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is a GSC Phenotype, it is a cross between (OG Kush x Durban Poison x ?) – It provides you with a very calming and stress relieving Indica dominant high.

Would be a great strain for Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Nausea, Pain, Insomnia (for newer smokers), and Appetite Stimulation!

Overall I give this awesome strain a [6.8/7] – The highest rating anything has gotten in a while!!

Grabbed this batch of flower from Center Street Collective in Tacoma, WA!


  • one day ur name will be josh

  • Where Can I Pick Some Up From For My Depression

  • F1 Durban x South Florida OG = Cookies

  • Why didn't you talk about who found girl scout cookies?? BERNER

  • that first pipe sure resembles a dick

  • That meant Grand Daddy Purple x OG Kush x Durban Poison. And I'm sure that "Mysterious Purp" is GDP. Specifically Ken's Cut. Done. Euphoria is so awesome inimitable though Oh Em Geeeeee!!!!

  • It's GDP by OG by DP big question is what version of GDP? It's Ken's Cut. That's what's in GSC and Platinum GSC is just backcrossed with OG. Still all secret sources of true genetic sources though. This guy can't even clear his own bong rip

  • I just picked up a 1/4 of this strain. I was expecting to be disappointed due to the hype, but I certainly was not. Excellent flowers!

  • Looked just like that stuff too I'm from ur same area portland I'm guessing ur in Vancouver or Tacoma 

  • All I hear is bomb bomb and more bomb strains just like this platinum GS good stuff just picked up an 8th the other day

  • Is that a The Acacia Strain shirt ?!

  • This is the second shit i've ever smoked. The first time I smoked I smoked some strait redge and I didn't feel shit. Later on that month I got together with my uncle and smoked some of this and I was so fucked up xD

  • Dude you like the acacia strain??

  • Did these cookies have a strong taste of say perhaps mint, chocolate, or a vanilla of some sort?

  • TY for the review! Always appreciated!

  • im crossing 12 different strains at the min all Autos hit me up if you want to try any seeds free of course see what you think..

  • what your fave the pinapple express or the girl scout

  • Girl scout cookies is good for movies, coffee-shop date. Interested in girl scout cookies?
    Call/text 408 Nine One Five 0151 for more info

  • I got some today for the first time at a oregon dispensary…really smooth and sharp high

  • How do you like up to break up your cookies and its phenos? Every time i've had them they've had that amazing super dense, tight bud structure absolutely frosted with crystals. I like the way weed burns after being ground in my sharpstone but in the back up my head i always feel like i'm losing out on flavor and and possibly potency when i break down what i can only describe as that ball of crystals known as GSC.