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“Platinum Extracts” (Concentrate Review)


Today I am doing a review on Platinum Extracts! I picked up 6 different strains to try out today – Grandma’s Cookies, Nuclear Lemon Pez, Animal OG, Purple Kush Dreams, Bubba Kush, and Blue Pez Dreams. These guys have very clean, safe, and tasty oil and you will see them around on the show alot more!

Overall I give Platinum Extracts a [6.5/7]


  • I haven't smoked dab but I have smoked bud and I remember blue dream I smoked it a few times it's really good I liked the feeling I got from it

  • when he says "bomb it" it sounds like "vomit" maybe I need to clean my ears lol lol

  • boss

  • such a chill video to blaze to, hope your having a good day josh 🙂 thanks for all the videos, keep it up

  • Blue dream is one of my favorite strains. I love the smell, before and after. I would smoke it just to have the room smell like it, I love it that much.

  • Nice vid man, I'm local also. I smoke mostly Refine/ NW Concentrates but giving Platinum some love after I picked up some Paris Double Purple Doja from Hyperbally in Everett. I also bought a carb cap thanks to another of your videos.

  • Just wondering, is that a The Acacia Strain shirt or am I wrong?

  • Dang man you look heavily medicated xD, haha love the shirt brah.

  • hahahahaha you got h.a.f. 

  • Definitely digging your vids man

  • your annoying and weird, i wouldnt sell buds to you lol

  • Dude my name is josh, im 20, live in kent,wa and im wearing a acacia strain shirt as well… we need to hang hahah. Message me!!

  • Glad I came across your videos good to see someone local

  • dope shirt bro!!

  • Those look beautiful! Wow

  • i only have to pay 20$ per half gram and 40$ a gram for the platinum extracts..weird your getting that different price.

  • i smoked that grandmas cookies from platinum extracts! its was ok..
    you from washington??

  • 206! Cheers

  • i thought it'd be hilarious if you rated the most recent hash you tried number 1 every time

  • Hell ya love the tas shirt and the review keep it up!