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“Pink Champagne” – (Strain Review)


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Thought i’d do a quick review of this Pink Champagne! This strain goes by many different names, it’s also called – “Phantom”, “Ken’s Phantom”, Raspberry Kush, and Wow Kush! It’s a simple cross between [Ken’s GDP x Cherry Pie] that provides you with a very calming, relaxing, almost sedating Indica dominant hybrid high.

This strain would be great for Insomnia, headaches, pain, stress, and anxiety. Overall I give this strain a [5.3/7]

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  • So you've done 2, reviews on this strain?

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  • Nice lookin bud. Those names must be confusing for someone new to the market lol.
    Do you make the music you play in your videos? If you do thats badass and should set up a link so we can purchasee. If not, you should give credit to the artist. 

  • I don't say this about many strain reviewers but dude, you're going somewhere in life. Other strain reviewers are good at what they do, but I see so much promise in you homie. I know you'll make it to the top. 

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  • josh you forgot to add this one to your review playlist as well <3 good video as always.

  • What's up homie! Very pretty flowers there. You can see those beautiful cherry pie genetics. Can't wait for the next video! Cheers Josh :)