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“Pineapple Super Silver Haze” – (Strain Review)


Pineapple Super Silver Haze is a Sativa strain grown by @FireBros206 – I do not know the genetics for sure, but i’d assume it’s (Pineapple x Super Silver Haze) – It provides you with a very creative, motivating, racy high that can turn spacey if consumed in large amounts.

This would be a great strain for depression, stress, and nausea. Overall I give it a [5.2/7]


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  • Josh, I love the shit outta you.

  • Can you do a review over Pineapple Express?

  • 'my name would be josh'
    This carrots high asf already at the start ??

  • hold dat shit in

  • I absolutely love strains that give you the creative high

  • @

    StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions)

    i suffer from schizophrenia which causes paranoia and depression which makes it where i just want to sleep as an escape. what strain would you recommend to avoid these experiences, that is if you would to someone in my position?

  • Faze banks comfirmed

  • where do you get the money to sit around a review pot.

  • Just picked up a batch of this here in Ontario Canada…. All i can say is YUM!

  • kuddos for talking about cannabis respectively and being so informative

  • How do u acquire all of this herb? I

  • So this is what Mr.Tomnas did after Narnia huh?

  • sativa sucks lol mostly all haze dont take care of the medical condition i need im all set with using cannabis to get energy or focused lol shit sucks, tast good and smells good thats about all, if u want energey take a 24 hour energy drink it will last longer 2 lol

  • fire buds. just subbed. about to smoke a king size j of ss haze.

  • How many grams do you smoke a day? Sorry if the question is too personal.

  • What is the background music?!?!

  • why don't u hold the smoke in ? u hit and blow u should hit hold and blow the smoke if u ask me .-.

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  • spacy high? could someone explain that to me, as someone from brazil I only have access to Brick weed So i font even know what im smoking. So we dont such terms. Tnx a lot, lots of love.

  • Time does heal everything mate cheers on the motivation you spread to us .