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Pharmers Choice Dr. Feelgood’s Pre98 Bubba – Join your hosts as they explore a beautiful standout in Dr Feelgood’s Pre98 Bubba flower from Orange County, CA!

Song: Half Baked Intro
Artist: Ed King


  • does anybody know the thc level of po re 98 bubba kush´╗┐

  • yeah overall the bud looks dank but the closeup shots look like its all water leaf….´╗┐

  • You guys are so lucky to have this job

  • these nugs are CAKED

  • My kinda flower..

  • whats the song ??

  • So what happened in 98? I do not know much about High grade buds, I just know how to smoke them.

  • hahaha it makes me hungry just looking at it =]

  • This is a nice vid. Very interested in the Bee Line. Although I'd rather get my paws on that flameless lighter. Anywho, I was wondering if there was a way to obtain the song from this video. I'd love to listen to it independently sometime. Thanks for all the vids guys! Keep it up!

  • You guys are such stoners now it seems lmao. just like me now

  • 3:23, good lord

  • im looking to let me know if you find it

  • Fuck chickens fuck ducks.

  • SONG?


  • i feel when tang talk about weed hes making it up as he goes

  • @DabsDoobsNTubes Right on #hippie haha!

  • cut it out with these stupid songs…why is it that everyone that makes a weed video feels entitled to make a rap as their backround music..

  • so they can find dispenseries near you

  • Dude. What do you know about growing? I wont argue my opinion with somebody that isnt even the game.