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Pharmajar at Hemp Con

Check out these old school style container for MMJ! Air proof, light proof, water proof, idiot proof!



  • man that old dude couldn't sell one bill for a single…even if he was at the federal reserve! nice jars but…

  • nugporn and taylor gang bitchhh

  • aww givin Andre Nickatina some love. BAY AREAAAA

  • gil talks with one side of his mouth

  • gil is ripped

  • @Kieku66 Remember w ww is important 

  • pharmajar com

    hope that helps… if not just google it. 

  • he sounds like Louis Armstrong lol


  • What's the new song for the intro?
    It sounds like a good song for just about any aspect of life. But especially the high life

  • @vibes981 you might actually, im in med school and we actually disgust some of the components of certain drug components and its affects/lingering affects on the body. Depending on how much you sweat and how much liquid you body can deplete you might be fine. I definitely recommend something heavy with antioxidants so maybe cranberry juice for sure
    goodluck though

  • Hemp Con is ran by a bunch of jack ass's that have no business in the marijuana community. First we were one of the first applicants to sing up in 2010. We had an awesome booth in the front with electricity. Someone ended up jacking our spot and then the organizers gave them the spot. They moved us to the end of the facility away from everything, No discount or any love shown towards us and just blew us off, Ran by a joke of a crowd it seems in its whole planning of it. THCexpo was better imo.

  • gill seems uninterested…i would too..those things prolly weight a ton

  • @hunterb2194 andre nickatina – conversation with the devil, how u dont know that nigga?

  • link doesnt work

  • pls tell me im not the only one who thought marks name was pharmajar ROFL and the show was about him …not jars LOL 

  • whats the intro song?

  • Put the links in the info so we can just click on it please.

  • Pretty cool… i guess