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“Peaches & Cream” – (Strain Review)


Peaches & Cream is a Skunk #1 phenotype that smells like a mix between fresh grass clippings & fruit. It’s a great strain for those suffering from both depression/anxiety, because it’s a very mood-boosting and euphoric Sativa, while at the same time not being super mind racy.

Great for depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Overall I give this strain a solid [5.8/7]

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  • You officially have a fangirl o: I love these reviews. Watching you smoke while I smoke is better than smoking alone.

  • that is some seriously strange rating scale man. If you have 5 categories why not rate each category out of 10? then you have like a scale upto 50 which gives watchers and followers a much more detailed idea of how you find this strain4 categories packed into 7 points. i know your scale also goes up to 50 because you do 0.1 to 0.9 so why not scale it up?

  • his head to big for his body

  • Too bad there's not a strain for weight loss

  • For an orange lover, I need to try this shit.

  • I need this in my life! Getting my medical card here in Cali in the next few weeks :)

  • You are skinny af lmao

  • It won't make me paranoid right?

  • i live this#

  • Your vids are awesome I'm from Pennsylvania where it isn't even legal yet an our buds aren't even comparable to yours yet

  • it look like he's wearing lip stick nothing against you tho

  • This is a Strain , that really does smell like It's Name … You just rhymed.

  • rare darkness please

  • Woah I wish I could get my bud that green where I live, but I'm in Australia so it's not legal but my bud I get is like pretty dark green certainly not that pretty

  • Are varieties such as these found only through dispensaries? My province hasn't legalized yet and I'm wondering if it would possible and practical for me to find strains like this.

  • Life isn't as easy as peaches and cream, Josh. Unless you smoke this.

  • weeds gonna be legal in Canada sometime in February

  • I am an introvert, i suffer from anxiety and depression. I wish i lived in a legal state… smh

  • "I just ashed onto the table#

  • In case medical marijuana does get legalized, 1 of the best strains for muscle spasms, and sleep, it can be more than one strain