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“PAX 3” – (Product Review) + GIVEAWAY!!!


So I partnered up with the guys over at ( to do a giveaway/review on the Pax 3! πŸ˜›

I’ve been waiting to do a review on the Pax 3 for quite a while now! It’s a conduction dry herb/concentrate vaporizer that is basically the Apple of cannabis products.

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  • OMG !! I was waiting sooo long that you make this review !!!
    SO HAPPY, what your opinion is. πŸ˜€

  • Giveaway not available in the Netherlands :c
    anyways, CHEERS!

  • Josh omg please review the magic flight launch box

  • I saw one of these over at the rec shop in red and black thought about getting myself one so I'm glad you made this video man !!!πŸ‘

  • I have A: Pax(1,2,&3) Firefly 2, Davinci Ascent, Davinci IQ, Boundless CFX, The Plenty (Thing's a science experiment) a few Flowermates and multiple other cheaper ones. (I realize I have a problem, I've given many of them away…) And imo the best overall portable vape is the IQ by DaVinci. It consistently performs amazingly And it actually does concentrates well. A close second would be the Firefly 2 but I am almost always sharing or in a group so it's just too small for me but for single use it's amazing as well. Sadly they are both around $200 which is a lot but you only need buy it once and take care of it and they'll last for years.
    IMHO Pax is over priced, if you must have the pax name/ design then feel free of course but I believe there are better options on the market!

  • that shit looks weak as fuck lmao

  • I have the Pax 2 and I love it. I’m so interested in the Pax 3. I wish it wasn’t so expensive though.

  • Awesome video and review, I’ve heard good things about them but just can’t spend the cash on one right now so fingers crossed I win 🀞🏻 😬 cheers man

  • can anyone tell me some good bio blunt wraps with no flavor i can buy online? thanks

  • can you control the temp without a mobile device?

  • I think PAX is a joke… for the price. my personal opinion. also for $200+-350 having to buy an extra $20 oil cartridge is ridiculous. when you buy a porche the hat and gloves come with it the wax compartment should come with it. I have used a PAX many times. maybe the new ones are better although I've never bought any APPLE product… just like I'd never buy a pax. if I want something that expensive the oven bay better be ceramic and for only 200 or a bit more I could get a VOLCANO with a life warranty and a VOLCANO oils a pax ass if you're not only wanting a portable vape

  • Always love the motivational speeches. GET SOME SHIT DONE TODAY BOYS

  • This felt like they paid you give it a good review

  • Do you still have to use a blow torch with this unit?

  • i hate the pax 2 i sold it because it doesnt get you high the price is high and it taste like burnt popcorn

  • Dynavap review????

  • I just got a pax 3 from my bf for an early Christmas gift, I love mine so far.

  • 10 and 12 rips? Wtf? I get like 40. Take the weed out mix it around jam it back in there. 2nd sesh it.

  • Josh, fine grind, full pack, and pack it tight. Much more vapor.

  • it kinda looks uncomfortable to use, like the mouth piece just looks odd. doesn’t look long enough.