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Patients Premium Collective Take a tour of the Patients Premium Collective Dispensary located in Santa Ana, Ca.


  • They terk er jerbs

  • They took our jobs!!

  • Around here white people act white and listen to rock and metal.

  • Hubby bars are bomb they keep me stoned for 2 days

  • @purplebushes no they dont, they hubbies now are shit compared to when they first came out years ago

  • shes a hot bud tender thumbs up

  • @FUCKPIGZ still rather them not touch my weed…

  • @ItsAllJustMovement ive been many places and have yet to see em

  • i love this place
    got some galaxy og today and it was nice.

  • i love this place

  • @FUCKPIGZ lol i know, and to be honest they dont all suck. Just give me a hot chick to buzz me in cause most chicks arnt as knowledgeable like most of the guys are.

  • @FUCKPIGZ girl budtenders suck!

  • Ya'll got them Cheeba Chews out there in Cali yet?????

  • you are doing all these SANTA ANA reviews, stop fucking around and go see some nuggetry

  • That shit at 00:20 looks dank as fuck.

  • sucky sucky 5 dowaz?

  • yup wanna go to that one!
    keep um Gil! you da man

  • What's Tang been up to these days. He is missed 😛

  • These vids are soso, i need a tang and gil sesh vid!

  • Aqualab is temporarily shut down