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I decided to do a dab challenge and came up with the pancake dab!! You take a slab of oil and drip another glob of oil on top of it! Simple!

I want to see you guys upload your own pancake dabs!! I’ll make sure to watch it, than upload it to a playlist that will go onto my channel page!!


  • That was a decent sized pancake. XD Good video dude. I'm your newest subscriber. ^-^ 

  • when you say honey oil, shatter or dab here downunder… people looked at you crosseyed sayin shit like "what you talkin' bout' Willis". Most people here dont even know what strain of weed they're smoking from week to week. BUDZ cost around $250/oz, and concentrates have been virtually unheard of since the good old days of the late 1980s and early 90s (when we had imported hashish,Leb,Turk, Afgahn….) AUSTRALIA SUX!!! So if we want concentrates we're forced to make our own shit… at least those of us who are resourseful enough! You have no idea how good you have it!!! I'd make that pancake 0.3g last three days with a little 3g bud. What you do is cruel

  • How do you deal with tolerance?

  • Just happy to see a vid wish u weren't so busy ur channel could blow up 

  • Awesome shit bro. Still wanting that glass though. Hmu. Love your vids keep dabin 


  • Hello man. I love your videos about weed. Keep on going. I wish you could review my own grow weed Lowryder. 

  • A nice milky dab. Love it. 

  • watching this in class lol

  • Just heat up the dabber an the dab will drip off instead of burning it

  • Nice vid!

  • Good vid homie! The only thing missing was the syrup, I like the idea below to use sap as the syrup..

  • You should've put some sap on it too for pancakes, butter and syrup. Haha. Good video

  • cheers

  • ill be sure to make a video

  • Gotta try this,nice video Boulder,co viewer. cheers

  • how medicated were you when you made this vid Ahahaha