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Pacific Collective Purple Bubba Strain Showcase

Go to to check out more of this dispensary’s specials!


  • is that from breeders choice brand ?

  • shoulda called it Pubba Kush

  • Fyck yeah tang. Your hillarious in that pill video.

  • has any1 else noticed Gil always takes the lighter on and off the bud really fast :DD its his signature smoking move 

  • Very good! Stand for herb in all ways,so we get ouer human -right! Past is over hier for an long time! But in the name of JAH,we are thanksfull for all people witch protected herb! Peace,Love &Unity!

  • His nose is stuffy-that shit always happens to me when I smoke herb.

  • spelled "consistent" wrong, guys. time to put away the bubblers!


  • I like the symbol for the medical marijuana place

  • @pbkidding lol gil just needs to speek up lol he has a soft voice

  • who made that painting!!! ?!?!? loved it

  • @TalkHeavy wow dude calm down every person is entitled to their opinion ya dont have to be a dick about it

  • i just saw a young david cassidy on an episode of adam twelve from the very early seventies. i also watched several yutube episodes of salvia takers. one can overdose on cannabis by eating all the edibles in sight. i have been to the place people get to by salvia… thats why its not addictive.

  • Who is Gil's microphone guy? He/She needs to really learn how to place the mic better. lol

  • do these strain reviews more often

  • @GRYProductions you are retarded when you light a lighter the butane is being consumed by the flame…noob

  • @Mr420ways who the fuck wants to get butane in there lungs both of you are noobs get a wand

  • like this more than the usually vids

  • @xstrangerxx bee line is for noobs..who wants to smoke a candle?

  • what a shame, dirty glass. no bee line. F-