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Today I thought i’d show you guys my outdoor garden this summer! Growing in the Puget Sound is awesome! I’ve always enjoyed growing fruits/vegetables Gardening was something my grandma always had me help her with. She taught me a lot that I know today. All the plants are grown organically in fertilizer. (Aside from the Cannabis which is a Fox Farms OF/Perlite mix) I’ll post more updates throughout harvest! 🙂


  • What strain is the onion plant

  • I love how in the end you're like,"you all know that one". Haha love it man, hope you're still gardening in your new place. Cheers

  • right on josh,try growing some butternut squash,i started my first garden last year and my butternut squash grew me like 30 fruits!=]

  • "You guy's all know that one" No. What strain is it, StrainCentral? How long u been growing it?

  • very cool

  • Very nice

  • hey bro nice vid ,love what you doing out side that was nice ,and your food is doing ok man np ,but for you ,if you would go on my site here and look for Larry Hall's vids i have .he has a killer way of growing food and ANY thing else you want to grow and it will do very well and give you a much better yield on any thing you put in to those if you really want a great garden ,and a lot of stuff growing ,please look him up .you want regret it bro.just a little heads up on some things 🙂   here's a little link Merle Cain from Eugene, Oregon and his Explosive Kiddie Pool Grow System! WOW!

  • Looking good

  • You gotta grow some jalepanos! I grow tomatoes and jalepanos and make chip dip out them with salt and lime juice. That is a badass garden though.

  • GranmaDabs here! Nothing like veggies grown in your garden!