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Original Glass – []

Hope you guys enjoy the big ol’ glob!! 😛 Just throwing up an entry for OG’s 4/20 giveaway!! I forgot to say in the video, but this oil was Knottyy’s Purple Cat Piss!


  • You have the same birthday as my sister

  • Happy late bday ! And my bday is May 1st too! 

  • My birthday was yesterday on the 2nd and I did a gauntlet haha did about and 1/8 if flower in a day by myself. Not much but it usually takes me 4-5 days to do that much haha

  • New subscriber man love the channel

  • Nice Dab man 🙂 I'm smoking on some Super Sour Diesel. I picked up an eighth and have about a gram left hahaha cheers 

  • HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a bongtastic birthday!

  • Hbd brah??

  • Ady

    Happy birthday josh, stay medicated bro

  • OG!!!!!! Cheers Josh!! Dope Entry!!!!

  • Happy Birthday Josh.

  • Yea that is definitely one way to end a T you were very toasty indeed. I love me some glass! Happy Bday Josh!

  • I didnt even realize until the end that the wax spelled out OG lol.
    Forreal though, keep on makin videos man. Its pretty badass that you manage to put one up every other day.
    Also, those bent necks are my fav for dabs.
    Hows knottys wax btw?
    Cheers doggy dog

  • Happy Birthday dude… God bless!

  • Your*

  • Haha! You're birthday is May first? Mine is May second and my friends is May 3rd

  • Happy Birthday bro!!! 🙂 Hope you take some more fatty dabs like that OG one in this video haha that shit woulda killed me! 😛 Cheers dude and hope your havin a great day!

  • Great ✌️?

  • happy b day man!!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Mine was the 28th so that's rad. That heady glass steals my heart every time… if only I had that kind of money to blow on all the glass my heart desires!! Hope you enjoy your birthday! Smoking a bowl for you today most definitely. Cheers!!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!