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“Orange Crush” – (Concentrate Review)


Orange Crush is a hybrid strain bred by the BC Growers Association that leaves you with a very happy, creative, energetic, and slightly calming body high that is very appetite stimulating. It’s a cross between (California Orange x Blueberry) that is great for treating Depression, Stress, Eating Disorders, and Chemo/Cancer.

Overall I give this strain a solid [5.2/7]

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  • low temp dabs FTW!

  • humbboldt farms did a cross of orange crush, and cali o … they were calling it "cali orange krush" not bad

  • you need to grow bro. The best way to learn is directly from the plant. Organic Sungrown Notill is the best method

  • "Heavy Breathing"

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  • that was another great review. keep up the good work brother. I like the fact that your informational in your vids. you actually do a little research and inform us about cannabis. cheers josh

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