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Orange County Patient Care Dispensary Tour Stop by and see what mega deals they have to offer at this Santa Ana collective!


  • Do u need a medical card for this place?´╗┐

  • Orange kush´╗┐

  • Takeout !! Awesome !!

  • You can't say she doesn't have a disease or illness just by looking at her. She can have like chronic pain or something.

  • @BryanEKS89 right – I agree,but you need a drs recommendation to get pot from a dispensary & it was on the ballot for legalization (recreation), but failed to get enough votes. How many potheads are registered voters? In the meantime, and like our federal government we continue to live a life of deceit & lies and then wonder why the economy sucks.(power & control)

  • @MrGreg433
    Because you don't have to be sick to smoke cannabis. Everyone knows the "medical" arguement is just a way to get it legalized (not to say that it doesn't help tons of medical issues, because it does).

  • @MrGreg433 lol a pot head might lie to get some cash for weed, but kids will lie to get cash for food or going to get booze which can become horrible in the long run food obviously not so much. but a crack head will steal a car do questionable things and kill for his 5 dollar fix, lets just say,if weed was as cheap as some drugs, things would be different.

  • @NSIHD Right- medical marijuana my ass!, I don't really care if people get high & pot has been used medically for 100's of years, but humans will abuse anything and if you're addicted, addicts will lie & do whatever to get high. The law wasn't written well and at this point might as well legalize it. These dispensary videos do not represent their business very well- they should show legit sick people not these kids.

  • @MrGreg433 In my opinion that's why a lot of states aren't picking up on it. I mean look how comfortable they are with it already? Kinda ruining it for the other states.

  • @FilthyChookTV Just BS nonsense – these place are open just like any business for a profit and the state loves the tax revenue. If it's a donation why can't I just give them $10 for an eight? If pot was legalized more people would grow their own just like tomatoes and these dispensaries might lose profit – maybe, but there would be a demand for seeds.

  • look at the little bimbo who walks in at 0:35 – Gee,I wonder what her medical condition is. Why don't these dispensaries show someone in a wheelchair with cancer or someone with deformed arthritis hands? They always seem to leave out the medical part.

  • @dan2thek noo it means THEY CAP at $50.

  • What are they talking about when they say donating? Are these places non-profit or something?

  • @SentByG0d sounds like a nice guy to me

  • hot

  • a $35 cap with a $50 cap too?!?!!? Doesnt that just mean its a $50 cap???

  • wheres tang and gil

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    <3 Mr.Medicated

  • Wow the dude talking fuck up my buzz…not cool

  • @CannabisSativa713 lol