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On Tour – Weedmaps in New York City

The Weedmaps bus hits the Big Apple to get the lowdown on how its denizens use cannabis, and anything else on their mind.

About Weedmaps
Weedmaps is the world’s first marijuana technology and media brand.

Since 2008, has helped medical marijuana patients and adult recreational users find the doctor’s, dispensaries, retail stores, delivery services, menus, and deals near them. With close to 8,000 listings, Weedmaps is the largest directory of medical and adult use marijuana in the world.

Weedmaps Deals:

In compliance with CA Prop 215, SB 420 Section 11362.5, and 11362.7 of HSC.


  • can't hear nothing due to music. Editors must be high

  • I have to agree medical cannabis in New York state is a joke I'm 63 with Arthritis WHICH causes me so much pain and I am not on the list to get medical cannabis.  The SIDE AFFECTS FROM MY DRUGSTORE MED'S LEAVES ME LIFELESS

  • Damn that's what's up

  • So called 'medical cannabis program' in NYC is a joke!

  • cannopoly!
    in a city of millions
    only a few qualified
    #prohibition sucks JIM CROW

  • I like how it's only good looking people they talk to or put in this lol

  • When and the hell are you COMING TO HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CALIFORNIA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • This is Why I Love Cali I seen my Dr and I got 1year rec I was looking down in San Fran and I seen reviews on drs only giving 2 month reqs free the weed vote

  • This video is filler.

  • Mmj in New York is a fuckin joke