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Old Amsterdam: Chocolope Strain Review

Gil & Tang hang out in Old Amsterdam to review some Chocolope! One of Amsterdam’s most popular strains!


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  • Good review! I just smoked some Chocolope and I'm FADED

  • They are also smoking through water, that makes it a lot easier not to cough

  • what up with the plastic gil??

  • just because it is not harsh on the lungs does not mean it is not potent. a lot of medical grade and just very good high grade is very smooth and fresh. especially in a bong hit. im busy smoking some indoor cheese at the moment, very smooth, smoking a full bowl and not a cough.

  • chilling with a bong each and some orange juice. i like their style.

  • i love the way you lie chubbs

  • tang= annoying

  • @nugporn where did you guys learn so much about weed? Did you guys read books, watch videos and read websites? Or are you guys like scientist? O.o

  • name of the song at the start? i fuckin know it man im just too stoned n cant remember right now ha

  • at 1:19 i literally came


  • amnesia is a supersilverhaze clone only strain

  • That coffeeshop should change their background music….

  • Who pays your guy's trips and weed?

  • crazy bud

  • whats the intro song?

  • Whats gils twitter?

  • @RUREDY2ROK also the "stoned" couch lock feeling usually comes from smking indicas and they are smoking a sativa which gives u energy and a good mood feelingg. a head high

  • @RUREDY2ROK uhhh the thing is not all strains are harsh. Some strains are extremeley potent but are smooth and sweet as hell, for example, lemon haze. In my 10 years of smoking ive never seen any strain as crystally as that i mean it was literally like it dipped in powedered sugar! Iono i study a lot of strains its fun u should too.