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“Ol’ Mendo Hashplant” – (Strain Review)


Ol’ Mendo Hashplant is a Kiona garden “heirloom” phenotype of the Hashplant strain! This is a phenomenal cerebrally stimulating Indica, that will provide you with calm body effects, while still keeping your mind/mood uplifted.

This would be a great strain for appetite stimulation, depression, and minor pain relief! Overall I give this stain a solid [5.8/7]

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  • 5.8/7 MY ASS, I have never seen you this high before, your words were all twisted and you were blab KING!

  • stuff i seen called hashplant looked just like the thumbnail for video thats sick and in canada and ye it diesnt smell much

  • Haven't smoked since may 20th and this is the first weed video I've seen since then, just a month till I can finally smoke again.

  • awesome review, cheers

  • Josh can you start saying were tou got tge bud from and the prices?

  • Bro, you tried so hard to avoid the word "earthy". lol

  • Great info on strains. I am an avid student on pot history and it's nice to hear someone talk about it on YouTube. It seems that a lot of landrace strains are very earthy in smell, next to some island strains. I like the Hash Plant strain, but I haven't had Kiona's. Thanks for the vids!!

  • A new strain review!? Josh, thanks for the awesome birthday present, bro!

  • I thought a cross between northern lights and afghan is "cherry kush"

  • You have the best strain reviews hands down

  • think the most legit taste test wud hafta b outofa joint

  • you should review watermelon/watermelon kush if you can

  • It's raining outside, smoking just woke up. Good shit if only life could stay like this vibe

  • I love smoking along with you bro

  • Come to your neighbours up north next year when we legalize cannabis at a recreational, federal level. We would love the tourism, and hey,

    our cannabis is the best anyway. Van City is a hop, skip and a jump away from you, Josh. When its legal, come hit up the Vapour Lounge on West Hastings, in van city.. You can cope some nice relaxing time there. Cheers!

  • This dude ALWAYS coughs lmao

  • Great to see the Strain Reviews back Josh. Hope everything been great for you Bro. Cheers

  • O U T D O O R S Y

  • Cannabis strains sound like racehorses, there's thoroughbreds and then there's one's that are half donkey.

  • Does anyone know about Illinois going recreational?