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Oil Session with Jesse

Gil & WilliamBreathes sit down with Jesse from Tree of Life to review some Monkfish oil.


  • that oil baked those 3 guys 😛

  • this looks like a much better scene to be in than working in a cubicle

  • TREE OF LIFE !!!

  • incredible close ups, thanks guys! keep smokin'

  • damn, they all looked really lit. haha. i need me some oil.

  • that middle skillet is fucking pro!

  • lol at the under purged oil at 2;04 i can hear that shit crackling from here

  • Is it juss me, or do they have at least a QP of herb on the ground??? LOLOLOL fucking G's.

  • I love good cannabis as much as the next guy, but you fellas take it to a whole other level. Monkfish oil and all these wicked smoking devices! I am really starting to admire Colorado man, Denver has good dispensaries. I recently visited and we went up in the mountains in search of "sage" from a caretaker. I took 2 rips=DONE! Tripping high. Nice Raconteurs song as well!

  • how sick was jesse's dab..

  • @jamieclark420 I agree. jesse is a wealth of knowledge and one helluva great guy to hang out with taboot.

  • I suggest bringing Jesse on more often. Very knowledgeable fellow

  • Reppin' Colorado all day

    The man in the middle knows his shit

  • Blessings & Bubbles!

  • oh, and one more time… the piece I am smoking was made by Spice at Heady Glass right here in COLORADO… not Trikky. Both are amazing artists, and I didn't mean to flip the two around in my head like that. Much respect is meant to both artists.

  • @soulleskill again, i'm not embarrassed to show my face.I hide it so I can keep doing my kick-ass job of reporting on medical marijuana every week. When you get paid to smoke pot every week and your local newspaper is buying your meds, maybe you'll understand.

    I am ugly, though.

  • MCM

    @soulleskill i dont think youre getting it…. if people knew who he was, then every time he checked out a shop the owner would kiss ass and give him top nugs and try to get the best review possible… he wants to enter every place like an average dude and see how the service is for REAL people like us its not fucking rocket science..

  • @mcm4point2o im pretty stoned and i think that keeping his secret shopper ID is stupid show ur fucking face queer!!! shit if i was on this show i wouldnt be embarrassed to show my face, hes prolly got a shit ugly face and dosnt want it to be seen to the public. gil is cooler than any of u


  • @TrajektorieLogik I've got that VG bubbs too. It is the oil-specific one that only has four slits. The flower bubbs has more.

    the two look great side-by-side.