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So I thought i’d go ahead and make a video for those asking for a video on glass that’s more affordable! πŸ˜›
( sent over a couple pieces for me to try out, so I thought i’d try em’ out and talk about them!

Triple Recycler – (

Straight Tube Tree Perc – (

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  • cheers Josh, tuning in from YouTube off of my PS4 the usual way I watch so I can get it on the big screen and have a nice smoke along!

  • iPad

  • Has anyone ordered from them before? What do y'all think about them

  • A B


  • Just ordered the recycler! Super stoked

  • desktop

  • tv/phone

  • when you only have 2 matches so you find a candle

  • cell phone

  • iPhone at 1:48am

  • Ipad

  • watching from my phone..

  • Watching on my phone while smoking a J, because I have to go outdoors ?

  • Men I got to give it to you, I been smoking since I'm 15 an you can take gigantic hits. I can smoke bluns like crazy but never been able to take gigantic hits like that. ?????

  • I'm watching you on my 74" plasma tv in my executive washroom.

  • I watch you on my phone cuz I don't smoke inside

  • I know I'm here a little late, but I always watch your vids on my phone while I'm smoking!! I usually wake and bake or have my before bed sessions while watching. Stay medicated bro!!

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  • i love your shirt josh hahaha!

  • Where the rig my buddy won 2 or 3 months ago? You lied to him twice and then just stopped answering. It that how you do things?