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Off Broadway Collective – Premium Green Dispensary Tour – Visit our Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menu.

Off Broadway Collective
1212 N. Broadway STE 121
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 483 – 7088


  • This white boy look like he strung out on heroin??????

  • Sorry to say but your meth game look strong brotha. If you had started looking around or twitched I would laughed harder than I already am

  • the comments r too much LMAO haters gone hate

  • opiate user fersure, check those pinned out pupils 

  • i just laughed my ass off reading the comments and watching the video! haha thx weed maps 

  • Volunteer, riiiiighttttt

  • hey its purple around your eyes

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  • All I can say is lol…

  • yeah that dude is definitely on dope or at least some kind of opiate

  • It's really all about Josh!  Rookie

  • Josh blazes hard at work

  • "a five gram eighth" LOL you put the word eighth to make it seem like more than five grams, but it isn't at all..

  • josh is on medical methamphetamine

  • Lol dammm looks like someone punched his eyes repeatedly before doing this I terrier

  • Looks like Josh gets paid in weed.

  • Josh has purple eye lids…

  • I'd rather have a bud-tender that looks like he needs some sleep and knows a lil something then a hot girl that tells me it sparkles smells good

  • did they show their mids while being recorded? lol. not the worst I've seen. but man, you'd think they'd show their top shelf. also, this dude looks like hes been awake for a week straight. Doesn't weed make you tired? Dude is on some other drugs. 

  • mid grade flowers damn la flower suck ass