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“Nimbus Glycerin Coil” – (Glass Review)



Today, I have this quite interesting Nimbus glass glycerin coil! This piece is supposed to cool & diffuse your smoke like nothing else on the market! 😛

I break down the pros & cons of this piece in this episode, but give it an overall solid [5.1/7]

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  • Hey Josh cool video as always! You were searching for a word to describe the coil piece…. modular would work. good times man ?

  • Grav Labs has the Grav Chillers and stax.

  • use it as a bong..

  • I think the reason the coil is so thin is so that when it the smoke reaches the end of the coil, it expands and cools even further than it would in the frozen coil itself

  • the way he says "today" at the start of every vid is sooo flamboyant. its great.

  • im getting an odd build up 8n my oil rig and wondering what it is looks yellowish

  • bent neck bongs are so convenient

  • I dont know anyone who smokes more than him

  • Such a short, simple. to the point format, i love this channel, it's so well done and you are a great host. thank you

  • I smoked herb out of one like 2 years ago and it was the smoothest bong rip I've ever had!

  • nruh that looks like cgi

  • Not sure if you just kinda breezed over it but the coil will more than likely attract a lot of claim since it is more or less super cooling that vapor

  • watch me take a rip of girl scout cookies on my page thehotbox!!!!

  • Don't Smoke weed. Weed kills. I died last week after taking a huge dab, but I'm a Buddhist so now I'm back.,

  • Comment #420 cheers guys hahaha

  • I really like that piece

  • I really like that piece

  • Also ever hear of a product called farm to vape,Turns your concentrates into premium eliquids in minutes.

  • And great video man enjoyed this one a lot!!!

  • DUDE I love your content so fukin much man i wish i was old enough to get medically licensed for Gods herd of life! Damn daniel, you lucky you can blow legally whateva u want, KNOWIN what it is. Street weed is sometimes sketchy man, they sometimes screw around and give you junk or K2. Lifes hard unless ur Josh! :'D