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New Era Caregivers Dispensary Tour Take a tour of the magnificent New Era Caregivers in Los Angeles, CA!


  • $60 a cap,rip off!!!

  • New era is one of thee best caregivers dispensary just like there sister gods gift

  • LOL someone always has some smart ass comment about someone in these weed videos. The dude might be real cool. If they are chicks they are attacked if they are the slightest bit fat or ugly but if they look fine its like Dayum I waana blow my load on that bitch. I don't think pot will ever be legal in the remaining 48 states we will be blown up or Judged by them. Apocalypse/Revelations is at the door wether you want to admit it or not.

  • You're*

  • taxed as fuck

  • 60 cap lol i wont be going here.

  • is this near Korea Town?

  • That guy's a fucking douche

  • Armed security guard and a locked wrought iron fence, yop they're in LA.

  • "New Era"

    Has Scientology gotten i?nto the dispensary business? They call lots of their scams New Era.

  • i can understand higher prices if in return they put back into their overall presentation & standards of variety and quality, this place looks nice, a few places look pretty run down.

  • What does it mean when they say what their cap is?

  • you guys always use cool music for the videos, I just subscribed keep it up!

  • You guys are dumb. This guy is mad cool. I came in once & bought an 8th & he hooked me up fat as well as letting me smoke some blunt he rolled up.

  • huge douche and some of the weed he showed had preme seed pods in it. and hes ripping people off at 60 for 3.5 grams

  • how bout a Norcal dispensary tour??

  • This guy sounds like a douche

  • lol at the Michel Phelps dank

  • could someone please tell me what that torch model he's using i've never seen one with such a short profile and a 90 degree angle. i hate my ts4000 because of how the nozzle gets loose over time. thanks!

  • bud looks average but the hash looks excellent