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My Life My Medicine – Patrick’s Story (Veterans Day Edition) – News Nov 13, 2012 – Happy Veterans Day from! is happy to bring you another eye-opening episode of My Life My Medicine. In this special Veterans Day edition we introduce you to Patrick, a hardened United States vet and proud Colorado medical marijuana patient suffering from numerous medical conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). If Patrick can’t influence your opinion about the medical benefits of marijuana than no one can. This is just another perfect example of why we shouldn’t judge others about how they choose to live in this crazy world.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma. Many veterans suffer from it and are prescribed powerful addictive drugs to treat it. Though synthetic pharmaceutical treatment may work for some, others would like to have the legal right to choose how they treat their conditions. Patrick is the perfect example of someone who has been through it all and is now able cope with the assistance of medical marijuana.

You knew that cannabis was a plant that grows in almost every environment around the world. You may have know that it has been used for making clothes, rope, and helping people medicate for thousands of years. But, did you know medical cannabis is not physically addictive and has few side effects? Do your own research about the medical benefits of marijuana. Ultimately it is up to you to choose what works best. would like to thank all it’s sponsors, clients, and patients for making this series possible.

In special thanks to all our veteran men and women of the military, has gladly donated $5000 to the Wounded Warrior Project who’s mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors. The Wounded Warrior Project’s purpose is to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members, to help injured service members aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.

Check out this other great edition of My Life My Medicine featuring a young California medical marijuana patient, Luke, who suffers from a debilitating skin disorder.

My Life My Medicine – Luke’s Story


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  • ptsd and tbi are a bitch

  • Pat, you are a great voice for our cause. I have TBI and PTSD like a motherfucker. Was put on a ridiculous amount of meds down here in the Texas VA for years. I almost took my life for the third time, when a friend came over with a fat sack. He left it and told me to call him in the morning. I never slept so well, and was able to slow down enough my mind to function kind of normal.    Now a few years later I have a family and getting my life in order one day at a time.  I plan on fighting to make this legal in Texas next. Too many positive effects to keep illegal.   God bless brother, take care. 

  • what a wonderful story… :)

  • from one veteran to another I COMPLETLEY RELATE TO AND UNDERSTAND THIS GUY!  Ive taken the other stuff as well and it is bad   And for six years I was fed ROXICODONE 30 mg- 200/ a month.  Like a bottomless skittles bag.  It almost robbed me from everything!  

  • Dang seeing his red ass eyes are crucial

  • I have ptsd for something much more puny. Anyway im going to give weed a try. I stopped smoking three years ago cuz of anxiety from ptsd. Anyway I hope it works this time

  • I hope with time you can overcome your adversities of your disorder! good luck man and keep in there! As a former AO keep in there, IYAOYAS!

  • Luckily here in the UK doctors really know what weed is capable of.

  • WOW I'm an awe that these doctors would tell him to use weed. Cannabis could have easily made his mental illness way, way, way worse. Very controversial and pretty much Russian roulette playing with this sort of stuff

  • I hate it when my family members mock me for helping people with cannabis, they are the ignorant ones, they are the close minded ones. 

  • cannabis should be available for EVERYONE

  • thinking about getting mine in cali when i ets but kinda nervous about it. how did u deal with this? and i heard if you get one you cant buy anymore weapons is this true in colorado pat?

  • Hmmmm….I am diagnosed with PTSD by the VA. I want to do medical marijuana but also don't want to end up lazy. Contemplating…..

  • Thank you

  • Repeal Prohibition! (y) (y)

  • A a fellow vet in COS also, I agree with you Patrick I also choose a more natural medication for my issues

  • Its so beautiful great job with the recovery. War can be a lifewrecker, and its great to see that you pulled through hoo rah man!

  • 5:55 he's so high

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